Yorkshire video

Film by courtesy of Welcome to Yorkshire

A video introduction to the Yorkshire countryside

  • Yorkshire has nearly a third of the total area of National Parks in England (the North York Moors, most of the Yorkshire Dales and part of the Peak District) covering a fifth of the region’s land area. (nationalparks.gov.uk).
  • Yorkshire boasts two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) covering over 800 square kilometres of the region’s land area.
  • The UK’s first ever National Trail, the Pennine Way, runs through Yorkshire and continues all the way up to the Scottish Borders, totalling 268 miles long.
  • Around 17% of the Yorkshire region is designated green-belt land, compared to the average for England of 13%. Leeds, with greenbelt land covering over two thirds of its total area, and Sheffield, with a third of its area falling within the Peak District National Park, are two of the greenest cities in Europe.
  • The Yorkshire Dales is home to England’s largest single drop waterfall, Hardraw Force, a reputed 100 foot drop, as well as Britain's highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn, at 1,732ft above sea level.
  • The highest point on the east coast of England is at Boulby, near Staithes in North Yorkshire, where the cliffs reach over 200 metres high.
  • Flamborough Head has the biggest underwater chalk reef in Europe, extending underwater for up to 6km out to sea, while The Deep in Hull is home to Europe’s only grey reef sharks.