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Information in Thirsk

Thirsk Tourist Information is available to help you, even though the TIC is closed. Every day except Sunday you can talk to one of our experienced volunteers by phone or email to get help. Volunteers have extensive personal knowledge of the area and have much information at their fingertips.

From 10am to 3pm (except Sunday) telephone 01845 522755 or email info@visitthirsk.uk. There are also 300 pages of information about the area online. See

Nationwide Building Society

From Saturday 4th April, our new opening hours will be:

Branches: Monday to Friday, 10am-2pm

Call centres: Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm

How to pay

The government has advised that we should all use contactless or smart phone payment wherever possible. That’s so we don’t increase the risk of spreading the infection by having to handle cash, touch keypads or withdraw cash.

You can now use contactless for debit or credit card payments up to £45 (though that will vary from retailer to retailer). Remember, you can also make use of other cashless payment options, like Apple Pay and Google Pay.


In fresh food, stock levels have returned to almost normal levels, with plenty of fruit and vegetables available. In packaged groceries, the recovery will take a few more days; most stores will have stock of just about everything, but in a few product areas, may still have some gaps.

To ensure more people have access to everyday essentials, there is a storewide restriction of 3 items per customer on every product line and no multi-buy promotions apart from Easter eggs.

As a result of a large recruitment drive, nationwide the supermarket has added more than 200 new vans and hired another 2,500 drivers and 5,000 store pickers to help handle increased demand for deliveries of online orders.

In Thirsk the opening hours have been changed to 8am-10am to allow more time beforehand for picking the increased online orders.

9am-10am on Tue, Thu and Sun is priority for NHS workers and the same time on Mon, Wed and Fri for elderly and other vulnerable people.


All of North Yorkshire County Council household waste recycling centres are closed.

This does not affect your Hambleton District Council collection service of Recycling, Garden and General Household Waste.

Due to the restricted space available in the cabs of the refuse trucks, extra vehicles have been provided so staff can maintain safe distances from each other. The council is experiencing increased tonnages of all materials, so rounds are taking longer. Extra staff have been recruited and some staff from the authority’s Leisure Centres are being trained to help with refuse collection work. Even so, things are very tight and some service restrictions have had to be put in place such as no special collections.

Easter rubbish

All bin collections will be affected by the Easter holidays – crews will be working on Good Friday (10 Apr) as normal but the following week collections will be one day late due to Easter Monday, with Friday collections taking place on Saturday 18 April - Residents are reminded that they must have subscribed to the garden waste subscription service otherwise their green bin will not be emptied and must be displaying the new sticker. However, there may be a delay for new sticker requests.

The Forum rescheduled events

Pete Firman & The Amazing has been postponed but the good news is that we have a new date:

- Sunday - 6th September 2020 - 19.30hrs

Also, Goldilocks & The Three Bears has been postponed to next year:

- Thursday - 1st April 2021 - 18.30hrs

- Friday - 2nd April 2021 - 13.30hrs & 18.00hrs

- Saturday - 3rd April 2021 - 13.00hrs & 16.00hrs

For either event, if you would like your original booking/same seats to be transferred over to the new dates and you will have something to look forward to, please can you kindly email us with the following details to help us with the transfer:

Event, Name, Booking/Transaction Reference No. & Seat Numbers.

Nearby Nightingale

Harrogate Convention Centre is the latest facility to be announced as a chosen site, joining the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, the Manchester Central Complex, and the ExCeL conference centre in East London, to help deal with the rising number of coronavirus cases.


Workers for the NHS, police, or fire service now have priority in all Aldi stores no matter when they shop.

Where store colleagues are limiting the number of customers in store, any emergency workers with a relevant form of ID will be put to the front of the queue and allowed to enter the store as soon as social distancing guidelines permit.

National Trust

We are asking the public to exercise near their home rather than travelling to popular locations. We, and lots of other organisations, have closed our countryside car parks, alongside our houses, gardens, shops and cafes, and we will consider opening them again as soon as it is safe for people to travel. Now is not that time.

Dales & District buses

We are cutting some services. For instance the 73 service between Bedale and Northallerton changes to once an hour.

From Mon 30 Mar the bus from Ripon to Northallerton at 09.00 is cancelled. It was due to leave Thirsk at 09.36 and but will no longer run. You will need either 08.06 or to wait until 12.01.

Other changes may follow.

Editor: there is still a 153 bus Thirsk to Northallerton leaving Thirsk at 10.40. Remember that it is now illegal to travel unless your journey cannot be avoided - best stay at home. See all temporary bus timetables at

Free entertainment

National Theatre Live, has announced that they are streaming their shows for free on Thursday evenings, starting from Thursday 2nd April at 19.00hrs.

The first one is 'One Man, Two Guvnors'.

To watch go to https://www.youtube.com/user/ntdiscovertheatre

The Royal Opera House have also created a schedule of free broadcasts that you can access for free:

Acis and Galatea - The Royal Opera 2009 – 3rd April 2020 - 19.00hrs

Così Fan Tutte -The Royal Opera 2010 – 10th April 2020 - 19.00hrs

The Metamorphosis - The Royal Ballet 2013 – 17th April 2020 - 19.00hrs.

Emergency services statement

From the Police and Fire Service: We know the vast majority of you have already been taking action to stop the spread of Coronavirus, and we thank you for those efforts. But some have not – and the crowds we saw in some parts of North Yorkshire last weekend illustrated that all too clearly.

Now there is no ambiguity, there can be no question – if you do not need to be outside for an essential reason, to buy food or medicine or to exercise once a day, you must stay at home.

Anyone who thinks this does not apply to them is putting lives at risk. North Yorkshire Police will use all powers we have to stop that, to keep us all safe and to ultimately save lives.

Our emergency services will be here to protect you throughout this national emergency. We know these are unsettling times. They are unprecedented times. But across North Yorkshire we stand together, and together we’ll get through it.


The Angling Trust says that we must all do what is required of us to fight this pandemic. Until further notice we should all refrain from fishing. This is about saving lives and supporting the NHS.

The only permitted activities that have been specified are walking, running and cycling for the purpose of local daily exercise.

Urgent accommodation request

The pandemic is placing increased stress on the Hambleton District Council’s homelessness service. Anyone can become homeless through no fault of their own - families, single people, young and old. We are here to help (call 01609 779977).

The council needs to plan for additional temporary accommodation for homeless households in the event that demand increases. We are working with our existing partners, including housing associations and local hotels but more accommodation may be necessary.

This is a plea for owners and managers of the following types of accommodation to help us in this time of national and local emergency:

• Hotel or B&Bs in the Hambleton area, or close by, that plan to remain open. The Government has confirmed that hotels and B&Bs can remain open for the purpose of providing temporary accommodation for homeless households or key workers.

• Private landlords of rented homes in Hambleton.

Please contact Ali Morton, Housing Options Manager for more information, telephone: 01609 767177

Local libraries

During the closures, no one needs to worry about accruing fines. Books will be automatically renewed.

We are continuing to provide services online at www.northyorks.gov.uk/digital-library and have made arrangements to extend our range of e-books and e-audiobooks.

If you need a PIN to access online services, this can be issued over the phone.

You can also phone if you wish to join the library. Membership card numbers and a PIN will be emailed to you separately.

If library cards expire you will still be able to access all digital resources and borrow e-books and e-audiobooks.

For enquiries, to join the library or get your PIN, please call 01609 533878 Mon-Thu 8.30am-5pm (Fri to 4.30pm) or email

North York Moors Railway

Requests for refunds or transfer of dates should be made by email to info@nymr.co.uk. Please note that these will be processed once business returns to normal.

Bilsdale Riding Centre

We apologise to anyone who has a booking and/or gift voucher with us and hope to see you when restrictions are lifted.

Forum cinema tickets

If you have purchased tickets to see the films 1917 or Military Wives, we are still hoping to show these at a later date, so these tickets will still be valid.

If you have purchased tickets to see any other films, we will issue you a 'Credit Note' to use on future films once we can return back to the Forum. Should we open sooner than anticipated, we will organise a range of Films and Event Cinema with flexible timings for you all to enjoy. 

Westgate Fish & Chips

is opening as normal 4-9pm the in shop and 5-9pm for deliveries (on your doorstep).

Thirsk & Sowerby Town Hall

Closed for the forseeable future for all events and meetings.

Scam reminder

Fraudsters are seeking to take advantage of our current situation, so please be aware of potential scams that could occur as a result of this situation.

Be vigilant to phone calls out of the blue. For example, your bank will never contact you for your security information or token codes and will never ask you to move your money to another account to keep it safe.

Be aware of invoice redirection scams, if you receive an email that includes bank account details or a change of bank account details to make a payment to, always contact the company on a trusted number to verify the request and to confirm the account details before sending any money.

Avoid clicking on attachments or links within emails or texts if you do not recognise the sender.


The NHS is urging the public to use a new online coronavirus service as their first point of contact if they suspect they could be infected. You can find out online what to do if:

- you think you have symptoms or

- you might have been exposed to the virus when travelling.

The website will ask you a few questions and tell you what to do next. To protect yourself and others, do not go to a GP, pharmacy or hospital. This service is suitable for all ages. Go to

Help offered and sought

You can seek or offer support from your local community by joining the Facebook group Thirsk Community Coronavirus Support:

The community is working

“Community Works” is the merger between The Clock and Thirsk Community Care. It is stepping up to the challenge of Coronavirus. PLEASE HELP.

Community Works staff and volunteers are working hard to support the local community at this time. We are focused on providing lunches, meals on wheels, collecting shopping and prescriptions for vulnerable people, telephone advice and running the Food Bank. WE URGENTLY NEED MORE FOOD, Tins, dried food, long life milk, cereals, toiletries and, yes, we need toilet rolls. Please help us to help people in need.

If you need help ring on 01845 523115 or 01845 524494 or go to the webpage

Hambleton Community Action

We are the Covid-19 Community Support Organisation for Northallerton, Bedale and surrounding villages.

We are currently offering shopping, prescription collection services, telephone befriending and can help you to access other support in the area to meet your needs. Please only contact us if  you have no other means of support such as family, friends or neighbours so that we can help the most vulnerable. Tel: 01609 780458 or email

Rosedene Nurseries

are open 24/7 for Key Workers and their families, including overnight and weekend care.

As the government call on the support of childcare providers and recognise the vital role they play in supporting key workers, Rosedene Nurseries extended their hours to offer 7 days per week for all key workers (existing and new customers) and for vulnerable children aged 0-11 years. Rosedene Nurseries is a family business, with 11 nursery settings across the North East and North Yorkshire.

Next week Rosedene will be one of the only childcare providers still open in Northallerton. Please contact 07958 200231 or visit

Bluebird Care

We are recruiting for Care Workers at £10 per hour, increasing to £10.50 from 11 Apr. Full training, Uniform, PPE and hand gel included.

If interested please check out our Facebook page, website or phone 01845 440271

Business advice

From C&GB Associates: The last two weeks and the weeks ahead are unprecedented for all of us. Measures from the government to support businesses (including the self-employed) & employees are being created daily. Businesses are urged to sign up to email alerts & updates from the government at http://tiny.cc/z8tvlz and http://tiny.cc/wcuvlz gives detailed guidance.

It is recommended for businesses to speak to their accountants (or read their email updates) in the first instance to understand the financial help that may be available for their business. Remember that accountants are having to understand and process the guidance, much of which is not hugely detailed at present and to determine how the measured could support your business and employees.

C&GB Associates is still open to support our clients and other businesses, however the office is closed and staff are working from home.

Editor's note: The short URLs above are genuine links to the websites described.

Jacqueline Bird counselling

There is free telephone/online counselling for NHS staff and front line workers at this difficult time to support them and help them to maintain good wellbeing. With much appreciation for the good work that they are doing for all of us. Email

Holy Rood House

The community of Holy Rood House, Sowerby, Thirsk, sends warmest thoughts to all local residents. Although not able to welcome guests, those who live here are working from home and you can email us on enquiries@holyroodhouse.org.uk with your telephone number for support.

Our 'listening and support service', Facebook page and homepage will help us feel hopeful and connected.

Your car

From Eric Sampson: Should we do anything special for the family car that is not going to be used for some weeks? I contacted one of the Vehicle Engineers at the Department for Transport and was given very helpful advice.

In the case of a car or light van that is garaged indoors he advised that there is no need to do anything special if the vehicle is in a reasonably good condition. If the car is a slightly difficult starter then it would be prudent to start it every two or so weeks and take a short drive. He stressed the short drive point – starting the engine for a few seconds then turning it off is not good for it and risks accumulation of muck in the system that will be cleared out after a short drive.

There have been worries about the modern ‘soft’ tyres settling in to a small flat spot if the vehicle is not moved – his advice is clear: don’t worry about this just drive steadily for the first 200m or so and the tyres will sort themselves out.

For vehilces left outside he had different advice. The (small) risk here is that the brake discs corrode (again quite normal) and stick to the brake pads so in these circumstances a short drive once a week or thereabouts helps to prevent sticking.

Gareth Malone's National Choir

If you haven't done so already and love singing then tune in to sing along with Gareth Malone each evening at 5.30pm on YouTube - at least 16,000 people have already done so. It's great fun and hopefully in some magical way a performance will be put together. You need to register on the website below. The first episodes are available as videos on YouTube so you can catch up.

Bus pass update

North Yorkshire and the City of York are allowing bus companies to accept concessionary passes before 9am.

The purpose of the decision is to enable older residents, those who are disabled and their carers, to use their passes for essential journeys and to take advantage of measures like exclusive early morning shopping opportunities being put in place to support them.

Kennels & Cattery

Bedale Boarding Kennels and Cattery is open and able to take care of pets whose owners are not feeling so good or maybe confined to their home so not able to give the attention, or exercise, they normally provide to their pets. Individual special diets catered for and medications administered as prescribed. Free collection service available.

West Pasture Farm, Crakehall, North Yorkshire. DL8 1TT. www.bedalekennels.co.uk. Telephone: 01677 424149

Play Bridge

Thirsk Bridge Club suggests you play for free at

French classes

from Anita Haisley: French classes at Rural Arts will resume as soon as possible. Nil desperandum!

Frenzy Youth Theatre

We have created Frenzy From Home activity packs for ages 2-18 written by a qualified drama and English teacher. These will be sent out every Monday. Subscribe at http://eepurl.com/gWFAR9.

Access to our online drama sessions are now available too. These are £1.50 per week (payable weekly, cancel at any time) and will include a daily activity at 10am including drama sessions, activity ideas, craft ideas, challenges, resources and much much more. All of our sessions are based on the company ethos of learning and exploring through drama and play. Join our online sessions at

The Greengrocer, Thirsk

Our fruit, veg and salad boxes are available for collection from the shop 7 days per week or for delivery to YO7 six days per week. We do two set boxes at £15 or £25 or alternatively you can send us a custom order which we will happily pick and pack. Pop in, or give us a call on 01845 527899

Herriot Hospice Homecare

is still caring for terminally ill people and their families in the place they call home, as well as supporting people living with bereavement via telephone. Although our office and six shops across our community are closed until further notice, we're relying on the generosity of you, our community, to continue delivering our services. Please call 01609 777413 or visit

James Herriot

The World of James Herriot is closed but the attraction and Herriot Country Tourism group members are planning ahead for the Autumn launch of Channel 5 TV’s remake of All Creatures Great and Small. Once the current crisis is over there will be a great deal of interest in the locations throughout Herriot Country, especially Thirsk.

Johnson's Butchers, Thirsk

Under the new rules as a food business we are still open, we have got plenty of stock and are getting restocked daily. We have fresh fish as well as meat.

We would ask when you are shopping with us that we have no more than 3 people in the shop at any one time and everyone else wait outside observing social distancing.

Thirsk Ladies Cycle Group

We will not be riding as a group until further notice. However, we are familiar with the lanes of Hambleton and therefore will offer route advice to anyone wishing to cycle. Remember to take a drink and snack as cafes will be out of bounds. Contact Jacqueline by email:

Lee's Butchers

are offering a delivery service in the Thirsk and Sowerby area only. Sorry we can’t deliver to local villages.

Please VULNERABLE people only, for example those over 70. Orders only accepted over the phone on 522113, no other way. We will take payment by card over the phone.

Please help us at this difficult time as we are short staffed and bear with us with this.

Thank you for your understanding and let’s hope this will soon pass.

Stay safe everyone!!!

Local radio

For North Yorkshire Coronavirus news on 102.3FM in Thirsk your local station Minster FM has an update every hour on the hour. Other information along with music is broadcast through the day and night. Email studio@minsterfm.com or call David Dunning, News Editor 01904 486598

Mobility aids

Both MD Mobility shops are closed. We are however answering the telephone and emails. If you have an urgent need for any products please contact us as we can arrange home delivery of some items. Ring 01609 776484 or email

Musical Theatre

Northallerton Musical Theatre Company have cancelled their spring show 'Victory Bells'. Ticket money will be refunded once the current situation is over. Please bear with us.

Scottish Country Dancing

Northallerton Caledonian Society has cancelled classes but hope to resume on 20 Sep at 7.30pm at Zion Hall, Northallerton. T: 01609 776025.


Simon Barnard, Osteopath, will be providing essential medical services in Osteopathy for acute patients or those who require essential maintenance. I am offering free telephone advice as well. Extra precaution is being taken in line with Government advice – hand sanitisers and extra cleaning in the Easingwold clinic. Telephone 01347 822946

Painting Pots

Daisy Doodle is offering takeaway pottery painting kits while the studio is closed. Choose your pots, and for as long as we are able we’ll deliver them to your door with a selection of paints. Then bring them to us for glazing and firing when we reopen. Please see our Facebook page or call for more details. 07837 661107

Ritz Cinema Thirsk

There is a short (5 mins) 'fun' Quiz on our web page. Not hard, just designed to entertain those stuck at home. The quiz is on a tab at the top of the page and hopefully it will be changed regularly.

Rural Arts remotely

The Courthouse in Thirsk is closed and all events and workshops run by Rural Arts are cancelled. In their place are some daily remote activities.

On Mondays, Rural Arts will share profiles on the artists they work with, many of whom as self-employed face troubling times ahead.

Their ‘Tuesday Talks’ will see the organisation host or share talks, as well as make calls to those they know to be vulnerable or isolated.

On Wednesdays, adults will be able to access a ‘Pay What You Can’ visual arts workshop delivered online, with a children’s version on Thursdays.

Fridays will see the organisation share stories and images from their thirty-year archive and ask followers to share their own memories of Rural Arts’ projects and performances.

Salon 54, Thirsk

We are offering a postal service so you can purchase your favourite hair care products via PayPal or transfer, and enjoy your usual hair care regime from home. 

We hope to be reopen very soon, but in the meantime you can follow us on Facebook for updates, home hair tips, competitions and more to help stop that lockdown bore!  

The Forum Northallerton

Some shows have new dates, see website. Please help with the transition of transferring of tickets to the new dates by emailing to: info@forumnorthallerton.org.uk. Please state the event you have booked for, your name and booking reference numbers and if you could say if you would like us to transfer your original seats over to the new dates.

If you cannot make the new date, please can you state in the email that you would like either a 'Credit Note' or a 'Refund', please understand that the refunds will not be done until we can return to the Forum, so we thank you for your patience.

Three Tuns Antiques

The Thirsk showroom is closed but we are still trading at

Vixendale Gifts

We are currently trading solely online for all your cards, gifts and treats to help you get through the isolation period and beyond. We will send out gifts by post for as long as we are able. Please also follow our Facebook page for the latest updates. Please support us by going to

White Rose Bookcafe

Our BookCafe is closed but we are still in business. Please be reassured that we are working on our business behind closed doors, for a bright future in our 25th year of trading.

Don’t forget you can purchase a WRB Gift Voucher lasting 12 months and we will post Free. A lovely browsing gift for the future!

We are here to take calls & e-mails and to carry out work which absolutely cannot be done at home.

Mondays & Wednesdays from 9.30-11.30am only. Please watch out for information on our Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram so you can keep in touch with us there! Please like, comment and share.

Thank you for all your support over the last 25 years. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon. Stay well and stay safe. Email: sales@whiterosebooks.co.uk and telephone 01845 524353

Zillah Bell Gallery

Closed but you may continue to view works in the Gallery either on-line or by appointment, which may be available within a few minutes of calling. We will keep in touch through our social media channels and emails.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding. To contact, telephone 07891 893219

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