Event publicity

Emailed newspapers

Guests see ‘Thirsk Morning’ in their local accommodation and it helps them decide how to spend their time. Almost 400 copies are delivered to B&Bs, and anyone else who wants the newspaper, without charge every day before 7am. The circulation is all requested.

The paper contains the weather forecast, a real-time view of Thirsk Market Place and details of what is on today (and tomorrow if there is space).

The ‘Local Events’ newsletter is open to anyone and has been requested by 1,000+ people. It is sent to them twice a month. You can sign up here:

Free event listing

‘Thirsk Morning’ and ‘Local Events’ draw from the same database. There is no charge to add your event and it is easily done using this form:

We class an ‘event’ fairly loosly. Usually it is for a single day or at the most a few weeks. It should not be part of the normal activities of a business – a restaurant Spanish dinner would not count. However, a one-off live music event at the restaurant would probably be accepted for free inclusion as an event.

We promote longer term exhibitions or courses in these ways:

  • If the event is newsworthy we may include it on the front page of ‘Local Events’. For example a weekly course of French lessons might be accepted as a free of charge news item. Send your news by email:
  • You can pay for publicity in either publication, see below.

If you are not sure please call Peter Rush on 01845 518187 or email him at admin@visitthirsk.org.uk

Paid advertising

‘Thirsk Morning’ contains one advert footer and two 'advertorials'. It is the same price for any of the three spaces.

The ‘Local Events’ newsletter carries the same footer on each page as the one booked for ‘Thirsk Morning’.

If you would like visitors to see your messages please phone Peter Rush on 01845 518187 or email him at admin@visitthirsk.org.uk to check that the space is free for the months you want and to arrange copy.

Here you can order or renew your advertorial or footer advert.

One month in Thirsk Morning £40.00